Semalt: Importance Of Big Data To Gain Success In Digital Marketing

The digital age presents marketers with an opportunity to leverage tons of data, for a better position in the market. They make better strategic decisions due to more accurate insights. Big data helps improve results of both big and small marketing campaigns.

Many organizations leverage valuable information from several sources to advance their marketing campaigns. They take the guesswork out of the equation as was the case with traditional marketing. Marketers can now use the information for a more targeted campaign. They identify market gaps and opportunities using the information.

Frank Abagnale, the Semalt has prepared the following tips, which come in handy to improve results of a digital marketing campaign:

1. Effectiveness of data visualization tools

Increased competition creates a need for marketers to understand and interpret data speedily. Data visualization summarizes information for a marketer to derive actionable insight. The ability to visualize data and get practical insight means that customer relations teams come together to hold meaningful discussions with the available evidence.

2. Run-time customer insights to help in customer acquisition

To reduce the decision-making time turnover, enlisting remote DBA experts can help with troubleshooting and implementation of analytic tools. Data visualization software sift through big data coming in real time from sources. The availability of current insights assists marketing teams in generating suitable strategies and ways through which they can improve or better engage with the consumer.

3. Data analytics does not have to be complex or expensive

Smaller businesses without enough finance to purchase analytic tools and licenses should not worry as data analytics is now available as a service (DaaS). Remote service providers make remote service applications available for such business, making it possible to leverage analytic tools on their data, and paying by the volume processed. For the non-tech savvy group, these tools have an interactive interface which is easy to use and understand.

4. Past events data to plan for the future

Based on the strategies that worked in the past, marketers can now make comparisons to see what will work for them moving forward. Big data makes it possible to plan for future activities with a greater degree of certainty.

Surviving in the digital market requires marketers well aware of the data available. Therefore, markets should invest in real time data collection and analytic tools, interactive interfaces, and advanced storage methods.

Big data when used to target consumers

Online data fuels any successful digital marketing. Marketing teams must, therefore, learn to make use of every channel at their disposal. It implies learning about the alternative data sources such as search information, customer transaction, social posts, and others, to offer consumer value.

The following serve as alternative data source techniques that marketers can use to improve their next campaign:

  • Web mining. Refers to crawling the web for information using automated tools to uncover and extract information from servers and web documents. Businesses can also access both structured and unstructured data.
  • Search data. Derived from browser activity by special tools that track search information and detect behavior. It also matches consumers to their online personae through onboarding.
  • Social networks. Tracks personal preferences to brand mentions and tastes by tracking posts, likes, shares, check-in details, and comments.
  • Crowdsourcing refers to collecting intelligence from the public using online polls and surveys.
  • Transaction tracking provides useful information about the user.


The potential for big data in digital marketing rests in the ability to target an audience and make them loyal customers by anticipating their needs and offering true value.